COURSE FIVE: How to create a healthy balance

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How to create a healthy balance in your life, so that you can give yourself time for things you enjoy as well as your caring role.


COURSE FIVE: Lesson 1: Ways to maintain a healthy balance (Part One)

Length: 3 minutesComplexity: Standard

You have a lot more power than you thought you had to regulate your emotional states. You will come to find out that, simply by making a few changes in your thoughts, you can improve the course of your life by consciously choosing how you will experience events, in a manner that allows you stay on the life-enriching course you have chosen.

COURSE FIVE: Lesson 2: Ways to maintain a healthy balance (Part two)

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Standard

A big step in managing stress involves stopping negative self-talk. The more you think about negative thoughts, the more power you give them. Most of our negative thoughts are just that—thoughts, not facts. When you find yourself believing the negative thoughts, “It’s time to stop and write them down.

COURSE FIVE: Lesson 3: Worksheet: how well balanced is your life?

Length: 8 minutesComplexity: Standard

Think carefully about each question which follows and consider how you are doing. Some areas of your life might be difficult especially if you’re finding that they cause stressors in your life. It is important that you try to answer each question as honestly as you can, as by identifying areas that are difficult it is the first step to finding solutions to reducing stress.

COURSE FIVE: Lesson 4: What have you learned?

Length: 4 minutesComplexity: Standard

Think about the following
Your thoughts are an inner dialogue, most of which you repeat to yourself. In many cases,
you learned to think these thoughts from experiences with your primary caregivers in
childhood, and have been repeating them from that time.