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Guiding carers coach and gently persuade the cared for, keeping them safe & secure. Just enough direction to ensure independence and skills are maintained. If you are a guided carer you encourage the person you are caring for to make as many decisions for themselves as they can.

The guiding carer gives just enough caring and takes just enough control. The guiding carer illustrates the most helpful approach. This is an optimal way of caring for someone to gently nudge to maintain skills and independence, take the lead when necessary or swim alongside when the carer needs no support.

Guiding carers have a warm friendly hands-off approach subtly steering & guiding those they care for gently into safety. They look for compromise, are motivating, and demonstrate helpful behaviours such as active listening and affirming. This will reduce problems because the cared for feels valued and loved and has support and trust. Any mistake is a treasure and should not be punished.

If you feel that you have a mixture of caring styles, the important thing to be aware of is what you do most and how stressful that is for you. So, if being a bull at a gate carer increases your stress look at small changes you can put in place to make your life more peaceful. If it is exhausting being a cotton wool carer look at ways of not doing everything yourself, asking for help and allowing people to take responsibility where they are able to.

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